Are you using an Android phone.. and have you made these changes?

Are you using an Android phone.. and have you made these changes?

InternetDesk: After purchasing a new phone, many people make changes to the phone’s settings to suit their needs. However, these are not the same for all users. For example, if you use the phone in moderation, it is enough to keep the default Android operating system settings (changes made when making the phone). Otherwise, most of the day.. If you are a regular or a professional user, you need to make some changes in your Android phone settings to suit your needs. It improves phone battery performance and makes it easier to know where your device has been stolen. So what are those settings? Let’s learn how to change it.

main screen

Every time a new app is downloaded to the phone, a shortcut or icon associated with it appears on the phone’s home screen. In addition to updating to the latest version of the application, the icon will appear on the main screen. Removing these codes each time may cause some inconvenience. Even if you have a new app installed, it is enough to make a small change in the settings so that the app update icon does not appear on the main screen. Click on the three dots at the top right of the home screen in the phone menu and tap on the Settings option. It contains options such as showing the apps screen button or adding an icon to the home screen. It is enough to disable them. If you want app icons to appear on the home screen, you can drag and drop them from the list.

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dark mode

Dark mode is another feature that can be used to improve battery performance. However, phones with Android 10 and higher versions of the operating system should have the “dark mode” feature. Recent research by Google has shown that using the phone in dark mode reduces strain on the eyes and increases battery life. All you have to do is go to the Dip Display option in the phone settings and enable Dark Mode. Otherwise, DarkMode will also appear in Shortcuts in Settings at the top of the notification shade. Clicking on it will turn this feature on. If you are using a phone with Android version lower than OS 10, you can enable Dark Mode on the phone using third party DarkMode apps.

Find my device

A happy phone ‌..if it is stolen without using it for more will cause a lot of suffering. As a solution to this problem, Google introduced the Find My Device feature. With this, users can see where their phones are. Open phone settings and type find my device in the search bar. Or go to Biometrics and Security in Settings. In it you need to enable the “Find my device” option. Then you need to sign in with your mail ID on or your mobile carrier’s website. Then if someone steals your phone, you can go to the Android website on your PC or mobile and see where your mobile is.

Battery life

The first question the phone asks is how does the backup battery work. This means that the battery will be charged as quickly as possible. The question also arises about how long it will take to charge. Therefore, making some changes regarding the battery settings from the day you bought the phone will improve the phone’s battery life and provide better performance for more days. For this purpose, technology experts are suggesting to turn off the automatic screen brightness on the phone. It is always best to keep the brightness level below 50 percent. The phone uses more battery for screen brightness. Many tech experts are of the opinion that this will quickly reduce the battery charge. However, others suggest using automatic brightness. This is why it’s best to change things like auto brightness, adaptive battery, and battery optimization to suit your needs.

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Do not disturb

Sleep disturbance is caused by phone notifications, calls and messages when you sleep well at night. If they sleep before they start meditating, they will start sleeping later, and the effect will be on planning for the next day. That’s why Android introduced Do Not Disturb mode to prevent sleepless nights. Also, if you enable this mode while playing games or watching movies, notifications of messages, calls, etc. will be restricted in the background without appearing on the screen. If you want to use this mode at night, it is enough for you to set a time limit according to the time you sleep. For example, if you want to sleep from 10 PM to 7 AM.. you need to enter that time in Do Not Disturb mode. Then, even if you get phone calls, messages, and notifications, no sound will be heard from the phone. Details of incoming phone calls and messages will be shown in the notification center so you can see the phone soon.

Note: The above settings are not the same for all Android phones. The names change slightly in the settings of each model depending on the phone company.

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