Josh V expands further “Branding is no longer about me, it’s about quality, fit and durability”.

Josh V expands further "Branding is no longer about me, it's about quality, fit and durability".

Women’s fashion label Josh V will continue to expand abroad, focusing first on Germany. In addition, the Josh V Home range will be expanded and will also be available to wholesale partners.

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Josh V will be expanding overseas next year. Currently, half of the brand’s 400 sales points are abroad, but not yet half of the sales volume also comes from abroad. That should change in the coming years. “We are active in many countries, but we are still young,” says founder and director Josh Feldhuizen.

How will it shape foreign expansion?

Josh Feldhuizen: “A year ago, we appointed Yvette Markar as Global Sales Director, in view of international plans. She has a lot of experience in international sales. We want to work with an agent or distributor in all countries. This way we are already represented in Belgium, Portugal, Poland and now also in Germany.This year we want to expand to France,Spain and Scandinavia and we are also looking into possibilities in UK,Switzerland and Austria.We expect the foreign share of business volume to grow rapidly.The focus is initially on Germany, where the German language web store has just been launched.For a country like Germany, it is important that the language and tone of voice are adapted to the audience.”

What do you expect from Germany where you are not known as a person?

“I am convinced that we really have to count on the quality of the collection there. Just like in the Netherlands, where you see me a lot in marketing communications. The brand is no longer mine, it is about quality, fit and durability. The latter is a very important pillar in Germany. There they are Also sensitive to brand ambassadors. Since I don’t have that much fame in Germany and don’t speak German very well, we work with local brand ambassadors, including key German influencers Soline Omar and Anna Maria Szymansky.”

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Josh V . sleepwear

What steps have you taken in the area of ​​sustainability?

“Sustainability has been a spearhead for us for years. We are working on more sustainable designs, greener fibers and better (production) processes to reduce our environmental footprint on the world as much as possible. Our apparel collections are largely made up of cotton, viscose and polyester. By 2026, we want Buy a more sustainable alternative to 100% of these materials.The first step is the Conscious Selection clothing line we launched at the beginning of this year.This is a line with items that (largely) used partially sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Ecovero. We also look at working conditions in the factories we produce. Behind the scenes, we have identified all of our producers and actively monitored them to improve working conditions.”

Is there more news for 2022?

“We are launching our own range of interior items after we started Josh V Home as a platform for other decor brands a year ago. We work on themes where we launch a collection twice a year. The first consists of sleepwear, home wear and bathroom textiles, with a clear association with apparel. We subsequently released A luxury coffee table book in honor of the 10th anniversary and a set of vases in collaboration with Pols Potten. We continue to expand the offer. Very soon we will be releasing pillows, throws and bed linen. As well as travel items, including suitcases and suitcases. We are also looking at makeup and beauty possibilities.”

Is Josh V Home only available on your online platform?

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“No, we will also offer Josh V Home products to our partner stores in the Netherlands and abroad. It is in high demand from existing customers. But the range is also interesting for specialty stores, such as interior design stores, bed linen stores, and bag and bag stores. When I started ten years ago, I launched Already on Josh V a lifestyle brand. I’m glad this is now more and more a reality.”

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