Johnson’s mobile phone can be accessed online for 15 years

Johnson's mobile phone can be accessed online for 15 years

Salo May cause Britain Revelation that his current cell phone number Boris Johnson he is Can reach For 15 years online, Raising concerns even on national security issues.

The phone number is written in old letters Press release, When The current British Prime Minister she was Deputy Minister of Education.

The number, according to British media, is still valid. However, in today’s calls, it is not the prime minister who answers but rather the answering machine.

The revelation comes after the scandal Back gate But also after that Complaints Which – which Boris Johnson He had connections with Persons They asked about Services For their commercial activitiesOn his personal phone.

After the revelation, it became known that the head of the public administration Simon’s case call him Boris Johnson To change the number. However, his recommendation was not accepted.

There was a reaction from the leader of the Labor Party Sir Keir Starmer, Who said that in addition to issues of privileged access to the prime minister, the presence of his phone on the Internet raises national security concerns. People involved in national security made similar statements, explaining that other countries may seek access to the British Prime Minister’s mobile phone.

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