Janssen developer vaccine: QR code immediately after injection is inconvenient | interior

Janssen developer vaccine: QR code immediately after injection is inconvenient |  interior

And so the Schuitemaker is responding to the high wave of infections that emerged after youngsters fully immersed themselves in the nightlife last summer having promptly obtained a vaccination certificate after their first shot with Janssen’s vaccine. “It’s not what I thought, something is wrong now, I have to call someone. I also read in the newspaper that we don’t have a hotline with Hugo de Jonge.” “I told my son, how strange it is to get a certificate of vaccination right away. And then it was already clear that things were not going well.”

At the end of June, Minister Hugo de Jonge declared Janssen’s vaccine “a perfect vaccine if you really want to be ready with this one take, ready for summer, ready for a summer full of festivals, dancing with Janssen.” After relaxing, young people in particular sought out the nightlife en masse for the first time in months. Some did this with government approval immediately after taking the Janssen vaccine. In practice, they were not well protected at all, because vaccines need at least two weeks to work optimally.

When the number of coronavirus infections began rising rapidly in early July, the interval between the vaccine and the green tick in the CoronaCheck app was increased to two weeks. In August, it was decided that anyone who had contracted the Janssen coronavirus vaccine would have to wait four weeks to receive a certificate of vaccination. According to the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), the vaccine needs an exposure time longer than two weeks.

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