Jackery solar generator 1000 Pro in hands-on video: This is what a power plant can do

Jackery solar generator 1000 Pro in hands-on video: This is what a power plant can do

Solar generators are very fashionable at the moment. People want some security to be able to generate power in an emergency. In such a situation, a solar generator with an integrated battery and a pluggable solar panel is quite the right choice. With the Jackery 1000 Pro solar generator, a new model has been introduced that has a number of special features. There are also new solar panels. We got a first impression of it in the hands-on video.

JAQUERY FT Solar Generator 1000 Pro

As part of IFA 2022, Jackery introduced the 1000 Pro solar generator, a new model that can be quickly charged with cable or solar energy. Could you The 1,002-watt battery can be charged from the socket in 1.8 hours. At the same time, it also works if you align the four pluggable 200W solar panels correctly with the sun. Usually, solar charging takes a long time. Here the loading time has been reduced to a minimum.

You can new Buy a solar generator from Jackery individually or in different combinations:

Based on the prices, you can already see that solar panels in particular are very expensive if you want to charge the solar generator in the shortest possible time. You should think carefully about whether you need it or if you prefer to take a larger battery, which Jackery also offers (take a look at Jackery).

The video shows the new Jackery solar generator:

Jackery Solar 1000 Pro Generator Introduced With New Solar Panels

Jackery’s new solar generator has two Schuko connections where you can get 1000 watts. There is also more in it for a short time, for example if you briefly connect a boiler with more power. There are also USB ports that charge smartphones and tablets at up to 100W. Not only does the Battery Management System (BMS) guarantee that The battery is monitored while chargingbut also protects connected devices.

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Introducing a new double-sided solar panel

Jackery SolarSaga 80W solar panels are particularly powerful. (Image source: JACKERY)

The 80W double-sided solar panels, which are more efficient, are all new in the range. for the purpose of Power can be generated from both sides. Of course, only the main aspect is aligned towards the sun, but the back can absorb reflections, for example, thus generating additional energy that would otherwise be lost. New solar panels cost €249 each (check it out at Jackery).

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