IVDP organizes online port wine tastings in 11 countries

IVDP organizes online port wine tastings in 11 countries

RDD turns 265 on September 10 and the IVDP celebrates until the end of the month, with many events including award ceremonies, wine tastings, couples and music.

Today, IVDP confirmed in a statement that one of the novelties this year is the internationalization of the festivities by organizing online Port wine tastings in 11 key strategic markets in November.

The main markets are Portugal, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, USA, France, Netherlands, UK and Switzerland.

According to the IVDP, the Port Wine Day celebration, as well as the Portuguese embassies in Brasilia, Washington, Berlin and London, bring together more than 220 specialists in different countries to taste the same wines that make up the tasting dish at the same time.”

Then, until the end of the month, the program will include the unveiling of the “playlist” on the Spotify platform – “Music & Port Wine Day on Spotify”.

As part of this initiative, the IVDP has challenged five Portuguese musicians – Miguel Araujo, Juana Almirante, Rogerio Charaz, Pedro Abronhosa and Thiago Nakarato – to choose a song of their own and one they would like to combine with another type of Port Vintage music. .

The celebrations will conclude on November 28 with a “Doro sustainable” lunch at Lamego, where awards will be presented to companies and winemakers whose projects represent “successful cases in wine tourism, winemaking and wine science” and conclude with an online concert by Porto. Artist Miguel Araujo.

Port Wine Day marks the creation of the world’s oldest designated area – the Douro – on September 10, 1756, by Marquês de Pombal.

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With these celebrations, the IVDP emphasized Port Wine’s role as a “development engine” for the country.

“The presence of port wines in the world reflects the support for the internationalization of the economic actors in the sector, in the logic of transverse evaluation, with an interest in the economic, social, cultural and environmental sustainability of the Douro region, and a strategy in the implementation of the IVDP,” said the President of the Public Institute, Gilberto Erigas, in a statement.

According to data from Peso da Regua-based IVDP, the designated Douro region accounted for “69% of identified Portuguese wine exports in 2020, being the main wine producing region of Portugal”.


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