ITV Studios Netherlands produces How are you at home? for EO

ITV Studios Netherlands produceert Hoe gaat dat bij jullie thuis? voor EO

In every episode of How’s it going in your house? Two families with different parenting styles are central. They both come together for a day to watch each other and learn from each other without judgment.

After two days together, they talked about their experiences and gave comments, criticism, compliments and tips. A panel from all over the world and the strata of society watches each day and comments on pictures of families from home. the program How’s it going in your house? It can be seen from August 8 at 19.05 on NPO 1

Via NPO Start Also available from August 8 elegant effects Let’s see, a series excerpt from developmental psychologist Stephen Pont How’s it going in your house? Discusses, explains and gives parenting tips.

Announcer: EO
Production company: ITV Studios Netherlands
Format: ITV Studios
TV President: Sebastian Spahn
Managing Producer: Anne Dirks
Final Editing: Femke Visser
Production Director: Saskia Lens
Directed by: Judith Jungkind, Mike Starink, Peter van Zunderd
Editors: Jane Belbur, Amy Schaeffer, Charlotte Negeland, Lisa van der Croft, Isabel de Vries, Mitchell Meulinck, Harald Misal, Louis Jansen, Corina Fink, Gertje de Graaf
Produced by: Lotte Beardon, Dion Bessart, Catelyn Evenblig
Program management EO: Rianne van Kuil, Griëtte Vonck
Assembly Coordinator: Tybalt Lambrecht
Editing: Ramon Verluig, Seb Willmott, David Hemstra, Korosh Zaryan, David Indako, Olaf Bigmore
Camera / Camjo: Lennart Elgershuizen, Jeroen Kirkling, Job van der Zee, Ramon Verluij, Elaine Ows
Voiceover: Albert Jan Verslow
Length in minutes: 45
Episodes: 15
Date of first broadcast: August 8, 7:05 p.m., NPO 1

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Source: ITV Studios Netherlands / EO / BM

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