It’s cold at Christmas: ice skating and maybe snow

It's cold at Christmas: ice skating and maybe snow

Let’s say it right away: the meteorologist still has a lot to do with this snow. “There will be very little rain at the moment,” de Jong says. “But if something happens at Christmas, it certainly could be winter.”

De Jong is not expecting an official White Christmas. “Therefore, there should be snow cover in De Bilt for two days. It has only happened eight times since 1901.”

skating rinks

Low temperatures for the next week can be seen in a “column,” a graph of 50 different weather accounts. As of Tuesday, it can be seen that the temperature in most forecasts is close to freezing, and even slightly lower during Christmas.

Can sleds be taken off the attic during the Christmas holidays? De Jong: “For normal ice skating, you really have to have ice days, during which you’re not above zero during the day either. But at ice rinks, like injected athletics and ice skating rink, there’s a good chance you can skate there around the feast. birth”.

cold bell

According to De Jong, the frost comes from a “cold air bubble” from the north. “Most weather bureaus expect the bell to ring over East Germany and Poland. But a lot can happen in a week: it can also pass over our country more.”

If that happens, it could drop to -9. “That chance is very small, 2 percent,” explains de Young. “But there’s also a 2 percent chance that it’s 11 degrees above zero. So there’s quite a bit of spread in the different forecasts.”

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