It looks like an old painting, but it’s actually a picture of Frank Van Driel | Den Bosch, Vogt

It looks like an old painting, but it's actually a picture of Frank Van Driel |  Den Bosch, Vogt

Den Bosch – His portraits adorn the walls of galleries in Great Britain, Australia and Hong Kong and are presented in the Netherlands at such prestigious exhibitions as Tefaf Maastricht, KunstRAI and Pan Amsterdam. As of Sunday, November 21, the work of Bossche art photographer Frank van Driel can be seen very nearby, namely in the Slger Museum.

, at most two hundred steps from my studio, so that I can bring work on foot. “It is much easier to send by plane in wooden boxes, as is the case with international fairs,” says Frank van Drel (1966), who lives in Vogt.

Whoever expected a successful artist like him to own a lavish and spacious studio full of lighting equipment and inversion screens, is wrong. His portraits were born in a low, flowing attic in downtown Bush. “Bulbs are not necessary, because I only work with the natural light that comes in through the window.” He has a reason for that. ,,daylight matches More beautiful with the environment in which the images are displayed.

An important source of inspiration

His work space is located under the tiled roof of “Het Pand” in Louwsepoort, once a refectory on the grounds of the Orthen nunnery. It is still very much in its original condition and exudes an atmosphere that connects flawlessly with the images that Frank Van Drel makes. “This work environment is an important inspiration to me.”

Van Drel has long been no stranger to the international art world. His work was awarded several times. Still images shot in large format are respected. Drawings in the style of Dutch and Flemish painters of the seventeenth century. I am inspired by their light and symbolism, but I give it my own touch. I often hide in it contemporary and surprising elements. ”

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The Naked Truth from the calculated series by Frank Van Driel. photographed in 2017. © Frank Van Drel

It shows a framed work with a green vase with pink flowers. With its theatrical floodlights and dark background, it looks at first glance like a still life of antique florals, but there’s more. Van Drel: “Look a little longer, and you’ll see a naked female on the window in the reflection of the vase.”

Much work precedes the creation of his illustrated arrangements. “First of all, of course, collect things. For example, in this shot, I wanted to immortalize five species of freshwater fish. You can’t just collect them.” He also sees the story behind the work as important. This can be symbolic, but also a personal thing. In this arrangement, I very skillfully placed something that reminded me of my father who had recently passed away.”


For one shoot, I wanted to immortalize five species of freshwater fish. You can’t just group them together.

Frank Van Drel

The intimate atmosphere of the Slager Museum in Schorstraat, dedicated to the Slager family of Bosch painters, matches his portraits, Van Driel says. In addition to still photos, there is a series of nudes that he made recently. At the opening of the exhibition the art of perception Artistic photographer releases his book To be frank. On the afternoon of December 12, January 16, and February 6, he will be on site for illustration.

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