“It is time to help the duped entrepreneurs in the Netherlands!” The Daily Standard

"It is time to help the duped entrepreneurs in the Netherlands!"  The Daily Standard

PVV leader Geert Wilders wants to get rid of all those inconsequential foreign expenditures, all this money can be usefully invested in the Netherlands itself. We are in a huge crisis and it’s crazy that duped entrepreneurs aren’t getting full compensation, says Wilders. Entrepreneurs are now paying the bill for inconsistent policies.

While the entrepreneurial Netherlands hardly survives, the Netherlands is throwing tens of billions of dollars abroad. According to Wilders, who was a guest on Harry Mens, much of this outside spending would have been better spent on Dutch issues.

Wilders said, among other things, of this matter:

“We are spending a lot of money on things that are not really necessary. What we actually want from all those external expenditures is making internal expenditures. Two weeks ago, Mark Root gave again 40 billion euros in loans that we will never see again. But also donations to countries like … Italy, which is often richer than us, Portugal and Greece. If we stop it, or if we stop development assistance to Africa, do little, or as far as I am concerned, we will stop it altogether. If we limit immigration, you can collect hundreds of billions of euros; that is. You can actually spend it on tax cuts and also on entrepreneurs. “

Wilders thinks it doesn’t make any sense that we annually send billions abroad that we can put to good use at the moment. Many entrepreneurs have been hit hard by the Coronavirus crisis and are often excluded from the current coronavirus measures. According to Wilders, it is absurd that these people do not receive full compensation.

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Wilders clearly pointed his arrows at Rute during this election campaign.

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