It is known exactly how the new cameras are tuned to control traffic

It is known exactly how the new cameras are tuned to control traffic

Since the introduction of the adaptive traffic management system in Belgrade in recent months, many traffic lights have been switched off to replace control units and part of the infrastructure have been replaced, so it so happens that they do not work for three days.

However, some taxi drivers and delivery car drivers who are behind the wheel without stopping claim that at some traffic lights, after turning them on again, there is no longer a green flash indicating that the yellow light will shine. They fear they will be filmed by cameras recording illegal lanes at a red light, as they may not arrive in time to stop.

Since traffic video surveillance was introduced in Belgrade 10 years ago, there has been virtually no driver who was not afraid to turn red and shoot with the camera when suddenly, without any prior notice, a yellow light shines in traffic lightly. He’s at a distance, not knowing whether to brake or add gas.

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When you see another vehicle behind you in the rearview mirror, which isn’t braking because the other driver clearly assumes you will add gas and overtake, you have no choice – gas, so what.

But, can we really face problems if we are photographed by the camera at that moment and how do we know if we are going to be fined from 20,000 to 40,000 dinars, with six penalty points and a driving ban for at least three months, unless we use the right in an agreement. Instead of a three-month ban?

According to the law, passing a yellow light is like passing a red light, because the regulations state that a yellow light on a traffic light means prohibited passage, except when the vehicle is not able to safely stop in front of the vehicle. Signboard.

So, you are guilty, unless the situation is such that sudden braking leads to a traffic accident or risk of collision, and the penalty is the same as the red penalty.

When does registration begin?

However, the basic principle of misdemeanor law states that everyone is innocent until proven otherwise, so it is not easy for the police to prove that someone has turned yellow because he did not want to stop, not because he wanted to avoid taking a risk. From an accident. This is why the Home Office claims that police cameras that record illegal passages through red are set to not record at all those who turn yellow, or even those who pass by the time the red lights are lit.

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To avoid the vagaries of proof of this violation, the software has been set so that cameras start recording only after 1.2 seconds have passed from the moment the red light turns on the traffic light. So, those who pass the yellow card will not be punished, only those who are very late, but the Ministry of Interior is reluctant to talk about the fact that there will be no offense.

How do red cameras work?

In front of the traffic lights on which the cameras are placed to record unauthorized traffic through the red light in August, so-called induction loops were installed. These are, in fact, two wires one of which is placed before the stop line and the other one after the stop line and are used as sensors.

When the car passes over it, a current is created in it that gives a signal to the processor unit. The moment has elapsed 1.2 seconds since the red light on the traffic light, the processor unit records all lanes through the inductive loop, and the camera makes a video from which images are taken.



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