It forced Amazon to change the icon for the new app

It forced Amazon to change the icon for the new app

On January 25, Amazon updated its mobile app icon. The traditional cart gave way to a well-packed cardboard box. But netizens saw this as a reference to Hitler.

A little scotch that annoys

It’s actually the blue bar above the icon, which has stirred up controversy. Why does this new slogan look like Hitler’s smile?, Asks a question to a user on Twitter.

The tape, cut into the teeth of the saw, We may already be reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s brush mustache. Or Charlie Chaplin, but as we know, Twitter loves to argue about the details.

Secret update

Neither one, nor two, the e-commerce giant wanted to correct its mistake, by modifying the code a little. Get out of the sawtooth bar, hello square and more simple tape to avoid any confusion.

Amazon is constantly exploring new ways to satisfy our customers“, A company spokesperson explains to The Verge. “We designed the new logo to create expectations, excitement and joy for customers when they start shopping on their smartphones, as well as when they see packages arriving on their doorstep.

A symbol far from “fun”

For journalist John Gruber, change was necessary, but it doesn’t make the code successful. “My problem with the new icon was not that the Scotch looked like Hitler’s mustache. (They could have solved this problem simply by placing duct tape on both ends of the box – the boxes need duct tape on the bottom, too.) Is that completely flat design deprives the concept of pleasure.

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Love the idea of ​​using a cardboard box as a symbol“Gruber continues.”It is the iconic real world object that we all associate with Amazon. Of course, sometimes something gets boring like toothpaste or deodorant. But sometimes you get something pretty cool – like a new book I ordered a few months ago and kind of forgot. Sometimes Amazon Box is fun. So yeah, make the app icon a fun cartoon box.

Or an icon that doesn’t look like Ang, the hero of the cartoon Avatar …

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