It also brought Telegram to its knees

It also brought Telegram to its knees

The failures of WhatsApp and Co yesterday pushed users to competing offers. For Telegram, everything seems too much.

The basics in brief

  • On Monday, there were massive failures at Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.
  • This means a huge increase in the number of users, especially for correspondents from competitors.
  • So the Russian service Telegram had to deal with a drop in performance.

The massive failures and disruptions to Facebook’s services on Monday continue to make waves. Where social networks Facebook and Instagram can still be dispensed with, the need for messengers is indispensable. Accordingly, the rush to competing products such as Threema, Signal or Russian Telegram has been fierce.

WhatsApp drags other messengers to ruin

When the failures surfaced, there was initially disdain and cynicism about the network’s alternative chat platforms. Shortly thereafter, Telegram also started to sweat when the influx of new users arrived. There were complaints on Twitter and the company reacted quickly. In the meantime, there should only be an isolated slowdown.

The situation was very similar at Signal, where millions of new members were also registered. However, the disturbances here seem to be smaller.

In the meantime, the rush will likely come to an end again, WhatsApp itself has been running smoothly again since this morning at the latest.

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