Is it a good idea to change your mobile phone battery? Does it affect performance?

¿Es bueno cambiar la batería de tu móvil? ¿Afecta al rendimiento?

your device battery cell phone Is it causing you trouble? Doesn’t it continue? over months of cells Smartphone batteries are insulting. Easy for a mobile phone who has a year or two to get a file Autonomy 30 or 40% less To the origin, all because the battery. Deterioration reduces capacitance and therefore lasts for less time under full load. Today we tell you if it’s good Change your mobile phone battery And what details should be taken into account when doing this.

Change the mobile battery yes or no?

Of course the answer is yes. It is always a good idea to change any component that is causing problems or affecting the performance of your device. The question is whether it is worth it or not. If you have a 4 or 5 year old smartphone and replacing the unit costs €100/$, it might not be that interesting to change the battery.

If it was a high-end smartphone two years ago, it would probably be a smart move. Of course, as long as you notice a file Low battery capacity And the battery lasts much less. If its deterioration is not noticeable, then replacement may not be useful.

Change the battery in the mobile phone With a few years of life, it is always a positive thing, especially if the performance of the device and its various key aspects are still sufficient for your use. the Autonomy It’s one of the main reasons why users change mobile, so rebuilding this component could give you another year or two of use without spending a lot.

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Be very careful when changing the battery or where to buy it

phone battery

95% of smartphones today do not have a removable back cover Easily change the battery. The most normal thing is that you need tools, a suction cup and some knowledge to disassemble your mobile phone and Replace the battery. If you’re willing to do so, we have a recommendation for you: Don’t buy battery cell anywhere.

With a simple Google search, dozens of stores where you buy a battery for your mobile phone will appear. You have to be very careful to deal with ridiculous offers or very low prices: they usually are Counterfeit or compatible batteries Very little capacity.

If your mobile phone originally has 4000mAh You should buy a battery of this capacity And escape from extremely low prices. It is one of the most sensitive components of a smartphone and buying a poor quality device can be expensive or not gain a boost in autonomy. If you can buy it original, it is much better, it is not so expensive.

On the other hand, if you are going to take the device to a technical service, you should also be careful. These services often tell you that they will change components to original components and eventually they do not. They save money and include cheap compatible components Chinese brands of questionable quality.

You should check the battery being replaced and the quality of the repair service. may be including file Lower capacity battery And that replacing this does not provide you with an increase in independence.

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If you repair the machine in the official service, it will be a little more expensive, but you will be sure that the machine will have New original battery with real capacity.

If you have a relatively old mobile phone with a battery in poor condition or have autonomy that is no longer the original, our recommendation is to ask for a budget to change it, because Less than 50 euros / dollars can solve the problem Autonomy for another long time.

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