Iran fires controversial missile before nuclear program talks resume

Iran fires controversial missile before nuclear program talks resume

Iranian state television reported that Iran had successfully tested a satellite launch rocket weighing about 220 kilograms into orbit. The launch is controversial: the United States warns that the Zulana missile could also be equipped with long-range nuclear warheads.

The missile test comes a day after Iran reached an agreement with the European Union on resuming talks on Iran’s nuclear programme.

In previous launches, the United States has referred to a UN Security Council resolution. In it, Iran is told not to launch missiles that can carry nuclear payloads. Iran says it is not developing nuclear weapons and that its space program serves no military purpose.

This is the second time the sledge has been tested. The country has launched several satellites since 2009 and also has ambitions in the field of human spaceflight.

months of stagnation

The new agreement between the European Union and Iran ends long months of stalemate. Borrell was the European Union’s foreign affairs chief in Tehran on Friday. Talks are expected to resume within a few days. It is not clear whether the United States will participate in any way.

Iran’s nuclear program has been talked about for years. The West and Iran reached an agreement in 2015. In 2018, the deal was blown up by President Trump and sanctions against Iran tightened.

How is daily life in Iran? Reporter Daisy Mohr spoke to residents of the capital, Tehran:

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