iOS will now allow security updates even without a full upgrade

iOS will now allow security updates even without a full upgrade

People usually expect new and/or better operating system updates than the previous update. However, nowadays, while the above applies to things like security and privacy, OS functionality and usability often go hand in hand with every new update that is released. The same combinations apply to iOS as well.

New features and new options

Apple announced updates to iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 on June 7, and while most of the updates were revealed on that same date (including some great new features for FaceTime, notification summaries, Do Not Disturb responses to Messages, and even major improvements to Safari, Health, Maps, and of course, portfolio), secondary features (not many) are excluded. However, the feature is said to be rolling out on the official update preview page.

Users will now have the option to choose whether they want their system to choose full operating system updates or just select security updates. This is definitely an exciting time for people who are not fans of the huge changes their iPhone or iPad goes through, every time a new operating system update is rolled out.

How is this important?

Until now, users had no choice but to support updating the entire operating system to the latest version, if they wanted to use the new (and more often than not, the best) security features. However, iOS 14 will now come with an option that will allow you to fully upgrade to iOS 15 or continue using the most popular iOS 14 while enjoying the benefits of updating the new operating system.

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The options will be available in the Settings app. But note that Apple says users will only be able to unlock “full security features” with a full upgrade, and while they stay on the old version, they’ll still have access to “important security updates.”

New security update

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The new iOS and iPadOS will bring several new security updates, including passwordless authentication in iCloud Keychain, and a new tool in the Mail app that lets users create multiple unique email credentials linked directly to their real email ID, if they’re tired of sharing their identity real with people.

In addition, the Apple Card will also receive a highly advanced fraud protection system, so that new card numbers can be created in the wallet. Moreover, Siri will also be able to work even without an internet connection, among many other new updates. It has not yet been revealed what new features will be available to users who decide to stick with iOS 14 for now.

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