“Investors in digital currencies may lose all of their money” – digital currencies

“Investors in digital currencies may lose all of their money” - digital currencies

Let’s start with the truth – investing in Bitcoin

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It is one of the best investments that investors have made in recent years. The yield is phenomenal. Let’s continue with another fact – although Bitcoin’s value stems from voluntary sellers to voluntary buyers, it is ambiguous because it does not have real financial support beyond a group of people (which is growing) willing to buy it for around $ 60,000.

Against this background, there is a major controversy between Bitcoin and cryptocurrency opponents and supporters. Along with the supporters – Elon Musk, a talented entrepreneur, perhaps the most talented one who founded PayPal and Tesla and now controls Tesla who brings a big streak to the world – autonomous vehicles, but not only (see here what BizPortal commentator, Shlomo Greenberg thinks in Tesla). On the other hand – a number of economists regularly explain to you that Bitcoin is a hoax.

Meanwhile, it must be said – Bitcoin is on the rise, but when you look at the economic base, you realize that it is an irrational tide. It’s the same as it was before – every good few years, a hit (flowers, train stock, internet stock) flies to the sky despite the warnings. Sometimes it takes time, even a long time, but eventually it declines to economic value. So caution – caution prevents disaster.

Among cryptocurrency investors there is an assessment that the institution is “working on it”. Investors are the ones who want to change the world, replace the central banks that control the printing of our money and our money (roughly our money). Their claims that Bitcoin has no economic support and the dollar does not have real support. It is not accurate, but it is not black and white. The dollar has support – it is backed by the US government, but unlike in the past – it has no support in the form of gold or a certain economic value behind it. However – the entire US economy is behind the currency, and that’s a lot.

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    Short of a century. Remember my words

    Hamid Cohen
    05/08/2021 12:42

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    It will explode faster than people think


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    It is good that you are here

    We didn’t know
    05/08/2021 12:39

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