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The internet in India is declining rapidly every month, according to Oklo’s report. India is not even among the top 100 countries for international mobile internet speeds. India lags behind the poorest countries in the world. According to January 2021 report, India is not making much progress in internet speeds.

According to figures released by Oaklae’s Speedtest Global Index, broadband in India will not change any faster. India ranks 65th in broadband speeds in December and January. The average broadband download speed in January was 54.73 Mbps. In December of last year, it was 53.90 Mbps. However, mobile internet speed has decreased twice to 131 in India.

The UAE topped the mobile internet speed ranking for January 2021. The UAE, which ranked second in the previous ranking, rose to first place. The average download speed in the UAE is 183.03 Mbps and the average download speed is 29.50 Mbps.

According to the latest figures for January, India ranks 131th in mobile internet speeds. It should also be noted that India was ranked 109 at this time last year. At the end of January, the average global mobile Internet speed was 46.74 Mbps for download and 12.49 Mbps for download. Fixed broadband speed is 96.98 Mbps download and 51.29 Mbps upload.

At 131, mobile internet download speed is 12.41 Mbps and upload speed is only 4.76 Mbps. But many countries, far behind in terms of development, are ahead of India in the list. India is ahead of Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. The average internet speed in Pakistan is 17.95 Mbps download and 11.16 Mbps upload. However, Pakistan fell four places in the January report.

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According to TRAI, only the geo-network in India provides speeds over 20 Mbps. But all other carriers have speeds of less than 10 Mbps. China ranks fourth on the list of most internet users. In November, China ranked 50th.

English Summary: India’s website lags behind China and Iran

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