International reinforce Amsterdam Herren 1

International reinforce Amsterdam Herren 1
Amsterdam – From the 2021-2022 season, Belgian international Nicolas Poncelle (24), Australian international Matthew Dawson (27) and Trent Mitton (30) will join Alexander Cox’s selection.

Nicolas Poncelli (picture) comes from Royal Leopold, with whom he became the national champion of Belgium in 2019. During his last match in the EHL Final 4 at Wagener Stadium, he won a bronze medal and was distinguished by his defensive actions and offensive play.

With the Red Lions (the Belgian national team) they finished second in the Pro League in 2019. Young Poncelier won the silver medal twice with the Red Kogards (Young Reds) in the European Championships and the World Junior Championships.

“I am very happy with the arrival of Nicholas. He is a strengthening of the team. He is a attacking back and he can also play well in midfield. In addition, as a character he is a real added value for the team,” says his future coach Alexander Cox.

Matthew Dawson has played in the Australian national team since 2014. The defender has already played 140 matches for the Cocapuras team and has played in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, among others.

With him comes kookaburas, his colleague Trent Mitton. The striker made his debut for the national team at the Champions Throphy in 2010. In 173 international matches, he scored 80 goals and won many trophies, such as several Champions Cups and a bronze medal in the 2018 World Cup.

“Matthew is a very strong defender with excellent building and cornering abilities. Trent is physically strong, scoring easily and as an exceptionally strong striker in his defensive work. Both bring experience and mentality to the team.” Cox says: “I’m very happy about that.

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The arrival of these experienced international players creates a nice balance between experience and talent in the team, where both can play to achieve results and develop talent optimally.

Farewell to three players
Nicki Leijs has stopped playing hockey at the highest level after playing for AH & BC for nine seasons. The sturdy defender is known for his velvet technique and indoor hockey skills. He became the international hall twice for the Championships with the Amsterdam Hall team.

Johannes Moig moves to Barcelona and returns to Athletic Terrassa, where he played hockey for a year two years ago. In total, Mooij played hockey for seven seasons with Amsterdam and with Leijs became a two-time national champion in the hall.

Penalty specialist Tangwe Cosins will also leave A&BC. After two seasons in the capital and scoring many goals for Amsterdam, the Belgian international returns to Belgium where he will play with his old club Royal Racing Club de Bruxelles.

Board Member Tophockey Klaas Veering: “With Nicki, Johannes and Tanguy leaving, we are saying goodbye to three great hockey players who have meant so much to Amsterdam. So we are grateful to them and we wish them all the best in their next steps.”

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