Amputation of a severely handcuffed man’s hand –

Amputation of a severely handcuffed man's hand -

American construction worker Giovanni Loyola, 26, was severely handcuffed. It was so narrow to cause permanent damage. In the end, there was no other choice but to amputate a hand.

Loyola, who lives in Benson, Alabama, was arrested in February of last year on suspicion of being involved in a brawl. He himself said that it was not the case, but it was probably his brother. Loyola was taken to the police station.

However, the cuffs were so tight that circulation was disrupted. The man asked several times if the handcuffs could be loosened, but this did not happen. He was only released after eight days and could see a doctor.

Loyola had to undergo four surgeries to remove his fingertips, but that didn’t solve the problem. In the end, his left hand was completely amputated.

The twenty sued the sheriff’s deputy, who handcuffed him. William Terrell, professor of criminal law at the University of Arizona, said against this Birmingham News The deputy mayor is obligated to check the tightness of the handcuffs.

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