Intel’s anti-Mac ad campaign sheds light on the M1 divide

Intel's anti-Mac ad campaign sheds light on the M1 divide

With the launch of the M1 Mac last November, Apple has officially started the transition from Intel chips, and Intel’s latest ad campaign shows that the company feels threatened by Apple’s move.

In announcements shared on Twitter, Intel pointed out the shortcomings of the Apple M1‌ Mac lineup. This week’s announcement, for example, highlights the gaming capabilities of Intel chips. It calls for Intel Rocket League, which is a game not available on the Apple platform.

Announcements from last week most notably 9to5Mac Indicates that there is no touch screen on the Apple Mac. “Only computers that offer tablet, touch screen and stylus mode in one,” wrote an Intel tweet.

Intel video links tweeted by YouTuber Jon Rettinger showing a laptop with an Intel chip and comparing it to a Mac M1.

The Apple M1‌ chip caught a lot of attention at its launch due to its impressive speed and fuel efficiency, which Intel chips cannot match. Earlier this week, Intel unveiled a series of “carefully designed” milestones designed to demonstrate that Intel’s 11th-generation processors are better than the “M1″ chips, but the benchmarks are designed to support Intel machines and Apple’s columnist Jason Snell described it as ” Not compatible with. M1 “.

Intel’s anti-Apple propaganda is likely just beginning, as Apple plans to phase out most Intel chips within two years. Apple is switching its entire line of Macs to Apple’s silicone chips, with the MacBook Pro and iMac set to update afterwards.

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