Install YowhatsApp & GB WhatsApp on HP, Beware of Ban

Install YowhatsApp & GB WhatsApp on HP, Beware of Ban

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of applications appeared as modifications of WhatsApp, called GB WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp. But it turns out there’s an inherent danger in those apps.

The app is loved by many people as it offers a number of features that the original WhatsApp does not. For example, WA GB has a password lock that can lock secret conversations.

In addition to that, there is also a feature to check hidden messages, automatic replies, and long video statuses. Even before the Multidevice feature was launched by WhatsApp, this app was already available.

As a modified WhatsApp or Whatsapp Mod, the app is created by a third party. So it will not be found on official app stores like Google Play Store or App Store.

WhatsApp Mod is available in APK, which is known to be insecure and full of malware.

Tech Maish has reported the risks of third-party applications in the presence of a vulnerability. The application does not necessarily use the security system in the original version, that is, end-to-end encryption.

In addition, the danger of malware and spyware also lurks for those who download it. This is because hosting servers are less secure and user data is likely to be stolen by irresponsible people.

WhatsApp has also given a warning to WhatsApp Mod users. The company does not hesitate to ban accounts that use the application.

WhatsApp Mod users are said to have violated the terms and conditions of the Facebook-owned SMS platform. Users must use the original version of WhatsApp which can be downloaded from the official app store, as quoted by India Today, Tuesday (10/8/2021).

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WhatsApp bans user accounts using fake apps for a long time. For example in 2019, the company banned many accounts using GB WhatsApp, but it was still temporary at that time.

WhatsApp also encourages users to immediately switch back to the original app. Otherwise, the account will be permanently banned by the company.

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