Inside: GTA 6 has great graphics thanks to the new RAGE9 engine

Yes, even the latest reports about the long-awaited successor to GTA 5 are manageable, but they do not come from completely obscure sources. A well-known insider talks about Rage Game Engine 9 and what that means for GTA 6.

The next GTA engine should purr like a next-generation wonder

GTA 6: While some readers may be closing their eyes after these four characters as a precaution, in anticipation of the next anonymous leak from sources like 4Chan and Co. Yes, we couldn’t resist reporting either – the latest bit of info here is surprisingly positive. With Chris Klipple, creator of Rockstar and Naughty Dog magazines and well-known insiders, he is now putting his name behind an interesting prediction.
GTA 6: Said to be ‘ahead of its time’ thanks to RAGE9
Like Klippel’s current tweet He writes, “The developer is flexing its technical muscle with the new “Rockstar Games Graphics Engine (RAGE9).” It has received “very positive feedback” from its sources on the graphics resulting from the upcoming title. “We shouldn’t really worry about that aspect,” sums up the insider. Klippel notes that Rockstar is investing a lot here to make Rage 9 a good foundation for the next generation of GTA.

“We are talking about an engine ahead of its time.”

That this engine is ahead of its time is a statement that of course leaves a lot of leeway in regards to the unreleased title. Rockstar officially confirmed for the first time earlier this year that GTA 6 is in the works, but has not given any indication of the state of development. One can only assume that the game’s launch is still years away – and it remains to be seen whether RAGE9 will still be ahead of its time.

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Games, Games, Logo, Games, Shooter, Rockstar Games, Gta, Take Two, GTA 6, Grand Theft Auto 6, GTA VI
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