IndyCar plays with the idea of ​​setting up its own Drive to Survive option

IndyCar plays with the idea of ​​setting up its own Drive to Survive option

Colton Herta, Andretti Autosport Honda, leads at the start

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Colton Herta, Andretti Autosport Honda, leads at the start

Netflix series Formula 1: Drive to Survive has boosted F1’s popularity, especially in the United States. The series is now in its fourth season, and MotoGP also comes with its own kind. IndyCar also has ears for its own version. American-class drivers have already hinted that they are excited about Drive to Survive and are open to something similar in IndyCar.

Drive to Surive does not match the facts

Mark Miles

says Mark Miles, CEO of Penske Entertainment Corp Talks are currently underway with various production companies about this project, although those talks are still in their early stages. “When you hear the word documentary, you think of history and retro, it’s a literary genre we’ve discussed,” Miles says. “You have an unwritten series, like Drive to Survive, where each episode is made up of the footage they shot. They put this together and decide how to present the story. Then you have the script series, where someone writes it and directs and makes episodes of it, for example the Yellowstone drama series” .

The CEO continues, “And then there’s the so-called ‘shoulder content’ that is created.” “This is an hour long show about something in IndyCar. It might be a one-off, but at least it won’t be live coverage of a race. It’s going to be unique content. Encouraging conversations are going on right now about which irons we’re going to get.” on fire and things like that. Personally, I think the unregistered version is the closest. I can say that there is a lot of work being done at the moment by good content creators and producers. Talks about platforms and potential distribution are continuing. “

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According to Miles, the series doesn’t have to be completely updated to be convincing and Drive to Survive didn’t suffer from having to race the previous season every time. “Drive to Survive was created by a British producer who bundles episodes together and sells them to Netflix,” Miles continues. “They develop stories based on current events about what’s going on with the drivers and teams. It’s a fairly flexible process, but it doesn’t match the facts. If we close a deal in May, for example, you’ll only see the light of day in September. What’s so special about Drive to Survive It’s that it gives people a chance behind the scenes. The audience doesn’t necessarily watch the races. They’re interested in the series because of the drama. They don’t. I don’t watch the championship, like the fans do.”

‘IndyCar lacks intrigue that F1 has’

Drive to Survive’s current setup attracts current and potential fans. Given the very limited access to the F1 circuit, there is a bit of a mystery surrounding this world. The IndyCar Arena, on the other hand, is known for its openness, allowing fans to get an up-close look at the teams and drivers’ preparations. However, Miles says he’s not afraid IndyCar will miss the plot that led to Drive to Survive’s success.

“I don’t think it’s a limiting factor. I don’t think anyone who takes on the IndyCar project is going to do the same thing as Drive to Survive. This works in F1, but maybe not in another class. The creators are now talking about the approach. This could be about beginners or women in sport. , for example, but I’m doing this right away, but it wouldn’t be the same approach as Drive to Survive.”

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