In these countries you enjoy the shortest working week

In deze landen geniet je van de kortste werkweek

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The exact terms of employment depend on the employer, of course, but broader trends can also be observed in each country. One way to analyze things is to look at the number of hours worked per week.

This is exactly what the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has done. For 38 different countries, the organization examined the average number of hours employees worked per week, as this varies from country to country. What does it look like? If you want to work less, you don’t have to look far at all. Our northern neighbors are at the top of the list. Although we are not bad at all.

Lowest number of working hours in the ten countries

1. Holland, 29.5 hours

2. Denmark 32.5 hours

3. Norway 33.6 hours

4. Switzerland 34.6 hours

5. Austria 35.5 hours

6. Belgium, 35.5 hours

7. Italy 35.5 hours

8- Ireland 35.6 hours

9. Sweden 36 hours

10. Finland 36.3 hours

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