IMF summit convenes to discuss ‘unethical’ actions by a top lady

IMF summit convenes to discuss 'unethical' actions by a top lady

The board of the International Monetary Fund will meet on Sunday to speak with representatives of a law firm about Kristalina Georgieva, AFP reported, citing an anonymous source. The position of the highest woman in the IMF is under discussion after possible immoral behavior by the Bulgarian.

Kristalina Georgieva, the highest female member of the International Monetary Fund.AP

Investigators in that office previously concluded that Georgieva had tampered with data for China while she was working for the World Bank. An investigation into Georgieva’s behavior has been underway for some time, but the council previously ruled that additional research was needed before a decision on the position of senior woman could be made.

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IMF executives discussed the issue three times before this week: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. A meeting is scheduled for Sunday with representatives from the law firm WilmerHale, which is said to have discovered that a few years ago, when she was still working at the World Bank, Georgieva allegedly lobbied to get China to perform better in a ranking of countries with an attractive business climate. Georgieva herself vehemently denied these allegations. You wouldn’t insist on misrepresenting the facts. This case has already caused quite a stir in the financial world.

Georgieva support

Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom and France are said to have expressed support for the Bulgarian, the Financial Times reported on Friday based on insiders. According to the British business newspaper, the US has not yet made a judgment on the sustainability of its position.

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