Imagine yourself in a fairy tale in Lake Maggiore in Italy

Imagine yourself in a fairy tale in Lake Maggiore in Italy

Lake Maggiore is one of the most charming destinations in Europe. For centuries, the region has attracted travelers from all over the world who want to combine sports, culture, art, landscapes, luxury and gastronomy during their holidays. Nestled in the Alps between Italy and Switzerland, Hetmeer is a treasure trove of artistic and natural beauty that has remained untouched throughout history, illustrating how man and nature can co-exist harmoniously.

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That harmony can also be felt in the new promotional video, where you can savor the charm and timeless beauty of Lake Maggiore (although much of its architectural heritage – especially Isola Bella and Giardini Borromeo, early 1920s estates and Italian gardens – breathes life into what it must have been). From before). With remarkable attention to aesthetic detail, the video showcases the wonders of the lake and its surroundings in a classic way. Its satirical literary style contrasts with other promotional videos today, which seem to encourage mainly visitors and tourists to party and take selfies. Instead, iconic features from other times have been chosen, such as ballpoint pens, laptops and film cameras: icons that tell you to slow down and enjoy the time.

The story begins in the municipality of Stresa, with its small islands such as Isole Borrome and the magical gardens of Isola Bella, before taking you to Locarno in Switzerland and ending at the Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso in Varese, which is built on harsh land. A rock wall on the “wild” shore of Lake Maggiore. So you find yourself in another dimension, floating in time where beauty, elegance, eloquent silences and glances are captured with the beauty and charm of a country that can invigorate all the senses. Perfectly performed by Esmeralda Spadia and Gualtiero Gregato, the story tells the story of a writer meeting, on a lakeside vacation, and a mysterious visitor whose eyes meet and look for each other, exploring the major sights and attractions along the way revealing the most famous activities of Lake Maggiore and the surrounding area.

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This activity is funded by the Interreg VA Italy Switzerland Cooperation Program 2018-2021, the “AMALAKE” project.
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