If you have Android, here are 4 great tips to make your battery last for a long time

If you have Android, here are 4 great tips to make your battery last for a long time

Today with so many apps that you can download on your mobile phone, reaching the end of the day with a charged battery has become very difficult. In fact, it’s apps, games, social networks, and many other things that really risk draining your battery in the middle of the day.

This can often lead us to long walks in search of a mobile phone recharge port. However, it is important to know that there are some tricks or small precautions that can allow us to obtain significant energy savings and thus battery savings.

In particular, if you have Android, here are 4 great tips to make your battery last for a long time. We can start with the first trick, which is Adaptive Brightness.

Adaptive brightness and AMOLED screen

It’s an always-found setting by default called Adaptive Brightness and it works this way. By using a sensor that detects the presence of light in the room or the sun, the mobile phone automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen.

All thanks to this function, it is very nice and useful but very expensive in terms of battery. The advice is to disable it and adjust the brightness manually considering that the lower it is, the less battery will be used.

The second tip is about AMOLED screen. In fact, some Android smartphones have this screen with which dark color themes can be used. These times allow for less battery consumption than the brightest and clearest ones.

Before, all Android devices now had this capability, but only a few have it. However, there are third-party apps that can perform the same functions as an AMOLED screen.

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Vibration at the touch of the keyboard

Another great battery saving tip is that of mobile phone vibration. In particular, it refers to so-called vibration based on keyboard touches, a function that is not of vital importance.

Just disable it by going to the settings under Sounds & Notifications and it will save a lot of battery power.

Set the screen to turn off not for long

Finally, the last advice to give is to use a shorter lead time or downtime. The reason is simple, a very long screen timeout can reduce battery life by up to half an hour per day.

It often happens that you are using the phone for a few seconds, perhaps just to quickly reply to a message or check the time. Hence, there is no point in leaving the smartphone unnecessarily for the rest of the time.

Therefore, the advice is to set a shorter screen turn off time. However, the only trick is to only reset a longer duration if you have to read long documents.

This prevents the screen from turning off continuously during reading. In conclusion, if you have Android, here are 4 excellent tips to make your battery last a lot.

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