I offer modern technology and respect

I offer modern technology and respect

In party speeches, the elderly will be treated with dignity and respect in this country, but in everyday life they are categorically put on the sidelines. If they don’t have a smartphone, that’s fine and good. We strongly applaud new technology and digital solutions, in part because they are rational, future-oriented and often environmentally friendly. But there are limits.

We must not develop our “intelligence” in such a way that we send people to the scrap heap because they do not master modern technology. When everyone goes through the same repression to avoid going beyond the character of history, we tend to forget important human values.

Technological discrimination leaves many people feeling alienated and insecure, including when they must use absolutely necessary services. It is understandable that many people feel directly discriminated against in everyday life, whether they need help from the bank or use public transportation services.

In all the hustle and bustle, one often forgets to coach a generation that has consistently solved its challenges for most of their lives. Many of them now have children or grandchildren to help.

The inability to pay for the bus if you do not have a smartphone is an example of disrespect for the elderly. Many express the feeling that they have been banned from using the bus, which we ask for environmental reasons that people use it as much as possible.

It is understood that banks, which are losing their customer base at record speed, are using energy to change user habits. We do that in the media, too. Many have done well, but the problem is that many are struggling. These are mostly elderly people who do not like to be teased or moan.

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Then they may isolate themselves socially, if the services are not practically available. When banks stop being turned around by people who need advice and help, it can be just as easy to quit or be humbly; They shouldn’t be in the way. It’s easy to blindly stare at your stats, especially when they are as expected.

Just when it comes to public transportation, some practical challenges can be corona related, but impatience and too preoccupation with everyone embracing smart solutions has been pretty brutal for a while. We must always place dimensions that life is not an assembly line – and that not everyone spends their lives on Facebook or downloading apps all the time.

We might learn a thing or two about life by removing our blinders and talking to each other …

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