“I got two fines after my first appearance with Hertha”

"I got two fines after my first appearance with Hertha"

From a big club in the Netherlands to a middle class in Germany. It doesn’t seem like a step forward, but Ekkelenkamp is looking beyond the rankings. “In the Bundesliga there are many clubs of the same quality. There have often been big differences in level in the Eredivisie, which is really much less here in Germany. The clubs in general are much stronger. This seems like a step forward. The Bundesliga is a better competition and I hope To spend more minutes here than Ajax.”

Eckelenkamp’s first appearance came in the second leg against Greuther Fürth, with Eckelenkamp trailing 0-1. After a minute headed into the tie. “I couldn’t think of a better debut than this. It’s probably the best game of my career. When you score so quickly at a new club, it’s really cool. At Hertha, they will fine you for your first appearance and a penalty for your first goal. I was able to mark both after the match.”

After his first match, Ekkelenkamp participated in every match of Hertha’s competition. The team occupies the fourteenth position in the German League. That could be a lot better, but Ecklenkamp is happy with the minutes he’s getting. “My goal for this season is to play as much as possible. I didn’t play much last season at Ajax. If you look at Ajax-bank, my view on the minutes was not great either. That is why I certainly do not regret my transfer.”

With four goals in six international matches, Ecklenkamp is doing well in the Netherlands. He was also called up again by national coach Erwin van de Loy for the matches against Switzerland and Wales. Switzerland and Wales are first and second in the group. They are both undefeated after two matches, so they are good teams.”

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“During the previous international break, we only played against Moldova. The goal of that week was to get to know each other. It really became a team. We have to get used to each other, both on and off the field. I would like to play both games myself. It would be great to score a goal. But winning for the team is of course more important.”

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