Hungarian vets commit scams selling small dogs here

Voorbeeld uit een hondenpaspoort (Beeld: Omroep Brabant)

Veterinarians in Hungary are scamming with the breeds, dates of birth and rabies vaccination for dogs sold in the Netherlands. This is what animal welfare organization “House of Animals” claims, and dealers are said to have sold animals in Decin, Cham and Lelystad.

The organization handed over thirty files to the Hungarian authorities based on bread dogs, which were sold in the Netherlands by three merchants. Six veterinarians have been reported to the Hungarian Police for, among other things, fraud, complicity in animal cruelty and participation in a criminal organization.

House of Animals has also filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber, similar to the Dutch Disciplinary Board. According to the organization, the investigation has now started. A veterinarian would also have been suspended.

According to the House of Animals, veterinarians have diagnosed problems in puppies that are much younger than birth date or where rabies vaccinations have been incorrect for years.

very sad
According to them, almost nothing has been done with the reports submitted to the Netherlands Consumer Product and Food Safety Authority (NVWA), says Karen Switters, director of House of Animals. “Dutch vets are not taken seriously by the NVWA and this is very sad. The fact that the NVWA did not investigate veterinarians who were repeatedly reported in their passports in very small and often sick dogs is incomprehensible and confirms again.” Dysfunction of this organization. “

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