Huge independent debut for Mercedes-Benz

Huge independent debut for Mercedes-Benz

Big news at Mercedes-Benz. The German manufacturer has received approval for Level 3 autonomous driving systems. This makes it the first in the world.

Photos: Martin Bravenborg

But aren’t there really many manufacturers that can drive their cars partially autonomously? Is Tesla’s Auto Pilot not allowed to drive itself in the US? That’s fine, but no manufacturer has universal approval for the Level 3 system. So far, because Mercedes-Benz has it. This means that the manufacturer’s Drive Pilot system may be deployed worldwide, subject to local legislation.

Only in Germany

The “but” is there right away, because that’s currently not allowed in almost any country. Only Germany has such legislation in Europe. There, the car is allowed to drive “automatically high” at a speed of up to 60 km / h. This means that the S-Class and EQS can take the driver’s hand off work in heavy traffic or in traffic jams.

In addition, the scheme will not enter into force until the middle of 2022. Then you can use the system 13,191 kilometers from German asphalt. Mercedes-Benz is currently working hard to introduce the Drive Pilot system in other countries, such as China and the United States. If other countries also amend their legislation in this area, the German car manufacturer will also roll out the regulations there.

Is not independent

Also note: The Level 3 Autonomous Driving System does not mean the car can drive everywhere on its own. Said Mercedes-Benz cars are now able to drive autonomously on the highway, so that cars can stay between road markings and at a safe distance from the oncoming car. In the case of a step higher, i.e. level 4, we can almost talk about a self-driving car. In this case, the car is also able to drive largely autonomously in built-up areas and take exits and intersections. Provided weather conditions permit, because the driver must be able to take charge of driving at all times. In the highest and most perfect level of autonomous driving, Level 5, the steering wheel and pedals are no longer needed. We haven’t gotten to that point yet, and the question is whether we’ll ever get to that point.

“A self-driving car is useless because of the high costs”

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