HTC Vive Air VR glasses leaked, ideal for measuring sweat during exercise! | Gizmodo Japan

HTC Vive Air VR glasses leaked, ideal for measuring sweat during exercise!  |  Gizmodo Japan

Fitness using virtual reality in the era!

… but it appears that some problems still remain. It’s not technical either.SweatsProblem. It is true that cleaning your device after exercising and sweating a lot is a bit difficult, or it is not appropriate for you to suddenly sweat in your eyes while you are absorbed in the exercise. I’ll do it. this point,”HTC Vive AirIt seems to have a great solution.

A stethoscope for perspiration during exercise

A stethoscope specializing in fitness gamesHTC Vive Air“Optimized for high strength over extended use,” reports the Global Design Guide (via Engadget).

Accordingly, the headphone case has an “innovative and lightweight” chassis,Clear and fast dryingUses a cohesive material. In addition, a quick-release mechanism provides “soft components”.Remove and washIt seems that it can be done. It looks really normal, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

For example, “Oculus Quest 2Ideal for fitness in the sense that it’s wireless and lightweight, but on the other hand it has a breathable foam pad.Easy to sweatThere is also a disadvantage. Therefore, in order to continue using it comfortably, it is essential to prepare a sports barrier mask or wipe it frequently with an anti-bacterial wipe and let it air dry.

Especially when playing a game that doesn’t sweat, the smell of sweat stays on the VR headset … you want to avoid the situation. Adding highly-ventilated materials and making them washable will likely be staples of future VR eyewear products.

Photo: HTC / Universal Design Guide

Public Relations: “The Concept”

Although it has “air” in its name, it’s not clear at this point how light really is. However, more dynamic movements while dressing (maybe pop squats, mountain climbers, etc?) May also be easier.

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An HTC spokeswoman told Engadget that it was “understandable” and that the elements and inspiration from that design are likely to be reflected in other HTC products. … so for now, you might have to wait for a VR headset that doesn’t look weird, is lightweight and has sweat protection during your workout.

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