HRC: “Treat Ukrainians and other refugees the same way” | Currently

HRC: “Treat Ukrainians and other refugees the same way” |  Currently

The Institute for Human Rights believes that the Cabinet should not distinguish between Ukrainians and other refugees. Allowing municipalities to absorb only Ukrainians, a distinction is made on the basis of origin. The College of Human Rights said Friday that this is discrimination.

The Cabinet is looking into the option of allowing municipalities to take in Ukrainians only if they do not want other refugees. This creates places in other municipalities for other refugees.

This is a discriminatory policy, says the College of Human Rights. Ukrainian refugees have been granted special status, which means that they do not have to apply for asylum. But that doesn’t mean they have priority.

Such a preferential policy is allowed only if the government adheres to the strict rules prescribed by law. For example, Ukrainians should be in a worse situation compared to other refugees.

“This is not the case here,” concludes the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights. “It basically concerns two groups in a similar situation: people who have been displaced and who need protection because of their vulnerability.”

According to the college, the Cabinet should speak to the municipalities to clarify this.

Required structural and compact receiver

In addition, the HRC believes that a structural and compact reception should be provided. These sites should also remain open if there are fewer refugees. If more refugees arrive than expected, they can be accommodated more easily. For example, students can live in vacant spaces.

“The reception crisis in Ter Apel has fallen below the humanitarian minimum to the point where you can say there is an emergency that legitimizes the strict measures temporarily.” The college says that even in a crisis situation, it is the duty of the government to arrange a good reception.

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