Harry Potter in the biography of the eccentric Yankovic family

weird al yankovic

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe plays Weird Al Yankovic in the singer’s biopic.

We were treated to a biographical film by Weird Al Yankovic and the main role is played only by Harry Potter. For those who don’t know Weird Al Yankovic, Weird Al is a musician known for parodying other people’s songs. I’m thinking of like a surgeonAnd the Another person riding the bus And the Pretty fly for Jedi.

Only half of his songs are on his albums of which he has sold around 12 million. He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018 and appears regularly in films and television series. Not bad for someone who mainly edits and releases other people’s songs.


The eccentric Al Jankovic became very well known to the general public through these parodies. The music is almost the same as the original or covered in polka sauce. The lyrics are well thought out and are often satirical or socially critical. For example, bring amish paradise Off, parody Gangster’s paradise by Coolio in which he mocks the Amish faith community.

Generally, Weird Al asks and obtains permission from the artist of the original song to parody, although US law does not necessarily require this. But for peace, he chose this anyway.

Michael Jackson

Many artists are also honored when Jankovi? picks their song. Michael Jackson even borrowed the music video set from bathroom Him on parodies Fat. Dave Grohl once said in an interview, when Weird Al Yankovic performed a parody of the song Nirvana. smells like teen spirit We knew we made it.

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Back to the cinema. Jankovi? is responsible for the script with director Eric Appel and tells the true story of the never-before-seen musician. The film does not hide anything and shows all aspects of his life. From his decadent lifestyle to his relationships with celebrities and his rise to global stardom.

There is a lot to laugh about in the movie and a lot to enjoy in the music. In addition to Daniel Radcliffe, Evan Rachel Wood plays Madonna and Ryan Wilson plays radio host Dr. mental illness.

Stranger: Al Yankovic’s story will be out on Roku on November 4. Free streaming service in the United States. It is still unknown if and how the film will be shown in the Netherlands, so we will have to wait and see. We look forward to it!

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