How to transfer Qitaf points to another number

How to transfer Qitaf points to another number

How to transfer Qitaf points to another numberThe Qitaf program is one of the best programs launched by STC, as it was able in a very short time to attract a large number of customers, due to the distinguished services it provides to them by subscribing to the program, thus paying mobile phone bills in the fastest time and obtaining multiple points You can win instant rewards in the form of minutes or megabytes.

The best way to transfer Qitaf points to another number

Now, dear subscriber in the STC Qitaf program, you can transfer your remaining points to another number in Sawa so that he can enjoy these points through these steps:

You must send an SMS message to the phone number to which you want to transfer the points, you must leave a space after the mobile number, then write the code 1870, followed by leaving another space and write the number of points to be transferred, and do not forget to send it to the number 902.

The most important conditions for transferring Qitaf points to another number

The Saudi Telecom Company has set several conditions that must be met; So that the customer can transfer the earned points to another number in order to benefit from them, and among these conditions:

A number of 20 points and their multiples (40 – 60 80 – 100) must be available in order to be transferred, the maximum transfer of points per month is about 100 points, and the maximum number of points received from the number of the last transferred to you is only 300 points.

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How to transfer Qitaf points via the my stc app

STC seeks to provide great services to its customers, so it provided them with the application of Qitaf points in order to transfer the points to another number through the following:

  • The my stc app must be downloaded to the mobile phone.
  • Log in to the app.
  • Then click on Transfer Points.
  • Next, select the phone number you want to transfer to.
  • After that, specify the number of points to be transferred.
  • Finally, click on the “Transfer” icon.
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