How to track smartphone apps that track you: Go to phone settings and change now, apps look at your private information

How to track smartphone apps that track you: Go to phone settings and change now, apps look at your private information
New Delhi: Two popular programs all over the world. Including one Android and the other iOS. With security in mind, Android is slightly less expensive than iOS. Because there is a risk of penetration. We often download apps from Google Play Store on the Android platform that you don’t know much about.

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Where do these apps come from? How long have they been here. How much will this help you? At that time, we give permission to install these apps. It requests permission to access your site, photos, and videos. This allows this app to have a great deal of control over your mobile phone. So you do not notice the application on your phone.

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Find out which apps are monitoring you

>> First of all, you need to know which apps you have allowed. Follow these steps for this.

>> For this you have to go to the phone’s settings. Move the mouse down. You will find here the Applications option. Click on it.

>> Now you will see all the apps in your phone here. Now when you click on any application you will get many options. One of these will be permission.

>> Here you will know which app you chose. What permissions have been granted to this app? If you want to revoke this permission, tap it. Also click Decline. You can revoke app permissions as per your requirements.

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Change site settings
>> Since location is up and running, apps know where your real time is. The way to turn this off is also simple.

>> For this, first turn on the home screen of your phone. Go to the bottom of the screen. Long press on the site.

>> Now in the screen that opens, tap App permission. At this point, you can find out which app the website is always using for. Now click on it. You can stop the site.

>> There will also be some apps used. You are using the site at the time. You may turn off the site at this time.

>> Then come back again. At the bottom of this niche, you’ll see the Google Site History under Location services. Click on it.

>> Once again you have to select the Gmail account. In this you choose your account.

>> You can delete the site history here. This means that Google can no longer save your site. Now you can go anywhere. You won’t need Google to know this.

>> A popup will appear when it is turned off. Where you will be notified of the loss related to the shutdown of the website. Read it right and hit Agri.

>> If you want to delete the location history of the device, you have to click on Delete Location History under Location History. Each Google account record must be deleted separately.

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