How to send a message via WhatsApp without adding the contact –

How to send a message via WhatsApp without adding the contact -

There is a simple trick with which you can start a WhatsApp conversation with people whom you have not added to your agenda without the need to install applications or programs.

All you need is to update WhatsApp Web, go to a link and get the number of the person you want to talk to. This was reported by Infobae.

Talking to someone using this trick is more complicated than just adding them to contacts; However, it can be useful if you want to remain anonymous, because depending on your configuration, people who are not in your contacts cannot see your name, profile picture, status, and stories.

In this sense, the person you are sending a message to will not know who you are, and will not be able to obtain information about you on the platform.

This procedure is mainly official and therefore safe, despite its little known among WhatsApp users.

To achieve this, it is necessary to use an application programming interface (API) which is in the platform itself and allows you to configure sending messages to phone numbers.

Firstly, you have to enter the link which we will leave below to make some changes. Do not forget that this process will be done through WhatsApp Web, so you must do it from a computer.

The link is:

For this link, you must change the part it points to Number On the phone of the person you want to talk to. This should include the country code, without adding the + symbol.

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After that select Keep chatting You can start the conversation even if you don’t have that person on your agenda. You’ll only see the number instead of the associated contact’s name.

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