How to see the status of your contacts in hidden mode

How to see the status of your contacts in hidden mode

A little over a year ago The WhatsApp It included an update that users of the messaging service seemed to love. These are countries that work in a similar way to stories Instagram x de Facebook social networking site, but if you do not want your contacts to find out that you saw them, today we will tell you the “secret” to see them in stealth mode.

  • How to see WhatsApp statuses in hidden mode:
  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • In the upper corner you will find three dots and in the menu that appears you will click on Settings.
  • Then go to Account and Privacy.
  • There you should deactivate the read confirmations option.

Photo: Unsplash.

This way, the blue popcorn confirming that the message has been read will not appear, and it will also prevent them from seeing that you entered their status update. Of course, your contacts will not realize that you have disabled this option.

If it has already been deactivated, it is not necessary to do it again.

In case you are not familiar with WhatsApp statuses, we tell you that in it you can upload images with some descriptive text so that your contacts can see what you are doing. You can also include some short videos.

There is no limit on what you can upload in a day, but this can create a certain affinity with your contacts in said messaging service.

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