How to run and promote a business on Instagram

On Instagram entrepreneurs can find a huge number of potential customers. Now is the time to start doing business on this platform if you haven’t already. Many people think that this platform will soon become a thing of the past because new social networks have been appearing lately, but new formats are far from suitable for everyone.

Therefore, if you need an audience to sell your products or services, then it is better to choose something that has stood the test of time.

Today we will talk about how to start promotion of your online store and how to run it. Spoiler: We won’t tell you that you can’t buy Instagram followers. We believe that this is one of the most effective ways!

If you already have an account, then you probably come up with texts that you like, you take photos that you like, and call your page the original name. Most likely, you carefully watermark each photo and dream of running an ad soon, anticipating traffic and conversions.

If you really think that at least one of the above makes up the overall picture of the design of a business page on Instagram, then we suggest urgently restoring such a picture. The most important thing is your communication with customers and competent promotion settings.

Advertising and promotion

Now you can select the audience among which your publications will be distributed. Such advertising takes into account many factors: gender, age, interests, place of residence.

However, do not abuse advertising from the first minute. Also, you can buy real Instagram followers. This is the most effective method of promotion at the first stage of work.

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By the way, in the online community there is an opinion that this method is dishonest, but this is a very big myth. The main thing is to do it wisely and choose accounts that really suit you.

Account management tips

The following tips will be a great help in order to develop a business on the platform:

  1. Share an exclusive. Don’t forget, there are a lot of online stores. Offer favorable support conditions: write about promotions and discounts that take place only on this social network.
  2. Interact with your clients. There is nothing worse than not getting answers to questions. Chat in the comments, read messages in Direct, like the people you like, so you draw attention to your store.
  3. Intrigue. Nothing draws people in like anticipation. Create an atmosphere of mystery around your new product, give out information in parts.
  4. Give gifts and celebrate the most active. Any like and comment adds you subscribers. Thank your customers for their support. Start a giveaway or promotion.
  5. Use common and unique hashtags. In this way, you can separate the categories in your plan, so it will be easier for people to find something.


If you want to grow your store, now is the best time to do it. We hope that our tips will help you get started and you will be able to succeed soon. Communicate more often with the audience, attract new customers and try to create unique content. It is important to show people that you are doing the best for them.

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Remember that the hardest part of anything is getting started. After starting work, you will understand that everything is not so difficult and you will be able to quickly establish a profile maintenance system. If it’s hard for you, then you can always invite specialists (SMM managers, designers and targetologists) to help.

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