How to read the news without opening a WhatsApp chat?

Whatsapp tricks how to read messages without opening the chat Tamil News

Whatsapp cheats how to read messages without opening chat Tamil News It should be noted that only latest news can be read, not old news.

Whatsapp tricks how to read messages without opening Tamil News chat: There are times when you want to read the news without opening the whip of communication. Although you can always read all messages in the notification panel, there is another way to check messages without opening the app. Read on to learn more about this method.

WhatsApp on mobile: How to read messages without opening the whip?

Step 1: Long press on the home screen. Now, a menu will appear on your smartphone screen.

Step 2: Click on the widget. You will find a lot of shortcuts there. In it, you need to find the WhatsApp shortcut.

Step 3: You will get different WhatsApp tools. In it, you have to click on the “4 x 1” WhatsApp widget.

The fourth step: Touch and hold this tool. Then drop it on one of your home screens. After adding it to your screen, you can long press on the widget to expand it.

Now you can read messages without opening any WhatsApp chat. You can read all your old (unread) messages. Note that if you click on any chat (widget), WhatsApp will open that chat and let the sender know that you have read the message.

Note: We tried this on a OnePlus phone. These tools are available on all smartphones and the process is similar. Users need to dig a little deeper to find this option. Samsung users first click on the WhatsApp tool. Then swipe to the right. Next, click on the second slide that you see. Now you need to click on the Add button. The widget will appear on the screen.

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WhatsApp Web: How to read the news without opening the whip?

Those who want to read WhatsApp web messages without opening the whip also make it easy. Simply place your cursor on the chat as soon as any message appears on WhatsApp on the web. Users will see the message later.

This way you don’t have to open the whip to check the latest news in the web version. Please note that you can only read recent news, not old news.

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