How to photograph Comet NEOWISE: NASA recommendations for stargazers

How to photograph Comet NEOWISE: NASA tips for stargazers

Are you energized to spot Comet NEOWISE as it pops into watch in the night sky? Do you want to check out your hand at photographing the cosmic snowball? Let’s just take a appear at some novice astrophotography strategies from NASA.

Comet NEOWISE, named for NASA’s Near-Earth Object Vast-area Infrared Study Explorer (NEOWISE), the area telescope that very first spotted the comet in March, is at present gracing our night skies with its icy existence. It manufactured its closest method to the sunshine on July 3 and the comet is now noticeable to skywatchers in the Northern Hemisphere. It is so vibrant that, although it can aid to use binoculars or a compact telescope, the comet and its tail are visible with the bare eye.

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