How to get a free Fortnite Rage Cover

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The It is an electronic game The Item Shop has been brimming with cosmetics from Fortnitemares in recent days with the introduction of new packages and skins seemingly every day.

While this is exciting for players who have a lot of cash to throw in the game, it can also be a bit frustrating for anyone who doesn’t have an available income. Thankfully, Epic is aware of this and has thrown a bone to gamers with its free cover.

Instead of just logging into the game and claiming it, there will be a few extra steps that you have to take in order to find a code. However, you can just skip all of that and enter the code for a free wrap.

The Fortnite wrap is free

to me Fortnite FireMonkey leak, There have been hidden codes at Fortnitemares Creative Islands, but you don’t need to worry about any of that as he revealed them to you.

Enter code AU9NJ-BLVHV-TCLJS-54YTB into this location before October 27 at 10 AM ET and you will be able to grab this cover for free.

If done correctly, you will be notified that the code has been redeemed and the next time you log into Fortnite it will be added to your locker.

This isn’t the first time Epic has offered something for free, so it’s great to see them keep up with the trend so well in the second season of Season 4.

Any more goodies down the road?

Free Fortnite Wrath's Wrap,

Epic gamesGet your free cover!

We don’t know if Epic plans to give more skins or covers to the rest of Fortnitemares, but we can never say.

At the very least, we can expect more free gifts for the Winterfest event, but we’re still months away from that even if some leaks really come out.

If there are more free items introduced this season, we’ll definitely tell you about them because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Fortnitemares ends November 2, so be sure to finish all of your challenges!

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