How to configure all the iOS 14.5 features you need to know

How to configure all the iOS 14.5 features you need to know

it was right More than a week since iOS 14.5 was released and I have had it Take some time to review our coolest OS features. TThis is an update that I don’t expect to install, if that’s the only way your iPhone tells you if someone inserted an AirTag tracker into something you carried.

But S.Once the download and installation process is done, you might feel a little lost. After all, it’s not like Apple is opening a superstore ”Here’s what I added.Start your whole life with iOS 14.5. To help you, here’s a summary of all the features, settings, and hidden gems worth knowing about. Either it will guide you to iOS 14.6, which you can actually start playing in this timeIf you feel ambitious.

In this guide, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Automatically change iPhone screen orientation for different apps
  • How to sort iOS notes by date, priority, and addresses
  • How to share your estimated time of arrival if you are driving, biking, or walking
  • How to fix the tracking transparency of your iPhone app if it is grayed out
  • Why is iPhone battery resetting
  • How to answer calls with your voice
  • How to add lasers and other augmented reality effects to Apple’s Clips app
  • How to configure the new Siri voices on iOS
  • How to know if you are being tracked by Apple AirTags
  • How to change what apps Siri uses to play audio
  • How to take screenshots in iOS without previewing annoying popups
  • How to report traffic accidents in Apple Maps

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