How to block ads on Instagram

If you do not want to see Instagram promotional posts in your account, in this article we will show how to block ads on Instagram, and in fact there are different ways to remove Instagram ads, as Instagram as a popular and useful application, it looked for a way to earn money from its inception, and there were two ways To do this: either receive money from nearly a billion users before logging in, or make a profit by advertising the posts of large companies, Instagram chose the second method, and so we started seeing promotional or sponsored posts from that day.

How to block ads on Instagram

How to block ads on Instagram
How to block ads on Instagram

How to remove ads on Instagram app

First of all, it is worth noting that promotional posts if you have not seen them before, this feature has not been activated for you by Instagram yet, and these posts often appear in the Instagram business account feeds, but if you have a personal or private Instagram account, you will not see this type of publications.

Advertising posts include companies that post attractive images and videos to convince users to buy or follow the product, and it’s not at all interesting to watch this ad content multiple times, so here are ways on how to block ads on Instagram:

Method 1: Hide the ad

In fact we must admit that there is no magic button or specific way to delete ad posts, we need to treat Instagram as a smart person and tell them that we don’t like their ad posts, and to do that, when you come across Instagram ads in your feed, hide them in the following way:

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Of course, that’s not the only option you don’t want to see the ad for, there are other options among them: I see them often, they are not relevant, and with these options you are only telling Instagram that these ad posts do not match your favourites, and by doing so, Instagram reduces from the number of posts and tries to show you the posts that are most in line with your interests.

Here, you may ask yourself, how does Instagram recognize what aligns with our interests? Instagram’s algorithms are smarter than we think, as they can decide which ad posts are best for you based on the results of your favorite topics, your followers and those you follow.

Method 2: Report the ad

You can also report an advertisement, to do so, click on Report an advertisement by:

Method 3: Block advertising

And the third way on how to block and remove ads on Instagram is to block the sender’s account, and to do that:

  • Go to the profile and click on the block option by clicking on the three dots at the top of the page.
  • Of course, this will only remove one page ads and you must repeat this for any other ad account.

It is worth noting that there is no one easy way to remove Instagram ads in one go, but their visibility can be reduced by following the mentioned methods.

How to identify Instagram ads

In a related context, how to block ads on Instagram, How do you know Instagram ads from regular posts? Instagram ad posts have some different features which are:

  • The word Sponsorship appears above the ad, which means Instagram has been paid to display these posts to you.
  • A button to perform a specific action appears at the bottom of the post, and this button can include different types of actions depending on the content, for example:
  • Install now, for app related ads.
  • Download the items to download.
  • Subscribe to register in the site store now to buy a product
  • Learn more, more information, etc.
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These are the two ways by which you can identify promotional Instagram posts (ads), and in addition, if the source of the post is unknown to you, it may be an advertisement.

How to block ads on Instagram
How to block ads on Instagram

You can like, comment, save or share these promotional posts like regular posts, and of course doing any of these shows that you are interested in them and the content, and therefore it will make it more difficult to remove them later.

Is there an app to remove ads Instagram?

With regard to how to block ads on Instagram, some may wonder about the existence of an application or program to remove Instagram ads, in fact, there is no program to do that, because there is no clear way to remove them, so you should trust any kind of applications that aim to abuse Use of your personal information.

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