How to add a health card in Google Pay to get it in one click on your Android smartphone

How to add a health card in Google Pay to get it in one click on your Android smartphone

Here, we help you add your health card to your smartphone by creating a Google Pay-friendly card from your certificate.

Following our tip for the iPhone, here’s our tip for Android. This trick works with Google Pay but also with Huawei Wallet.

As you know, the health card is now mandatory for many outings, including going to the cinema or the theater. In a few days, it will also be required in bars, restaurants (including amphitheaters), hospitals, nursing homes, long-distance transportation and large shopping centers. In short, you will have to give it a lot. This is a method that allows you to add it to the Maps (Wallet) app on your iPhone.

4 simple steps

Here are the four steps to follow:

This app is free, but it uses ads as a business model. You’ll only need it when you create the card in Google Pay. You can uninstall it later.

instead of

Instead of “Health Pass”, you can enter your name or the name of someone from your family

If you are using a QR code, make sure to allow the app to take photos/record videos. Once you have scanned the QR code or downloaded the PDF, fill out the small form (see above). You can then add the app to your Google Pay app.

  • Download the certificate at Pass2Pay or scan the QR code of your certificate via the app;
  • Add the card to the Google Pay app (or Huawei Wallet).
This is good !

This is good !

When the card creation process is complete, you’ll see an ad, and when you run the ad, you’ll see a message that says “Registered with Google Pay”. Now, when you go to Google Pay, you will see that there is a card with the name *Covid Certificate or the one you entered on the form screen.

If you are traveling as a family, you can repeat this process several times, but you can add the name of a family member on each certificate.

If an Android device is at your fingertips, know that Frandroid is introducing its new Android app on the Play Store. Take the opportunity to test it.

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