How do you take care of your smartphone battery?

How do you take care of your smartphone battery?

Stop a lot of light!

The first reaction to battery saving is to reduce the screen brightness. In fact, too much light not only damages your battery, but your eyes too. It is recommended to set the brightness toautomatic“So that it adapts to the ambient light.

Preferred dark mode

Switching to dark mode in the operating system and / or an application has several advantages.

Firstly, it relaxes the eyes because the screens emit less blue light. This is even more true in the evening, before bed: Dark Mode is highly recommended.

After that, it makes possible significant gains in autonomy.

Manage opening and closing your favorite apps

It is advisable to make sure to close all applications that one uses very little, and conversely, to leave the most used applications open, especially those related to social networks. In fact, constantly restarting it requires more energy …

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Watch out for wireless connections!

If something consumes power, it’s the connection via bluetooth or wifi (do you know what is Wifi 6?). Care must be taken to deactivate this type of connection, otherwise the device will constantly search for a new connection nearby. This means if you have to use this type of connection, you have to remember to deactivate it once done.

Activate power saving mode

Now, almost all smartphones have something called “Energy saving”. Available for both iOS and Android, it allows you to automatically restrict the activity of some background apps (or even block some) and disable some of the visual effects.

Change the battery instead of the phone

If it really dies, it is better to change the battery than buy a new smartphone, especially if it still works fine and its operating system is up to date. And if you really want to change your phone, go with Refurbished! Note that unless you have chosen a smartphone ‘Ethics“Like what Fairphone offers, it would be better to contact a professional to replace the battery. However, it would be much cheaper than buying a new smartphone.

Do not charge your phone at night

When the battery is 100% charged, it is imperative that you remember to stop recharging, otherwise its components may be damaged. So it is highly recommended that you do not connect your smartphone and then go to bed quietly by assembling it fully charged the next morning. Even if most smartphones today discover that the battery is full, it is best to avoid this bad habit.

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