How different are the minimum and maximum performance of the MacBook Pro? Performance comparison with the real iPhone Mania app

the newMacBook ProAvailable in several configurations with different specifications, from screen size to M1 Pro/Max to RAM capacity.

who – whichA video has been released comparing the performance to the actual application to see how the performance differs between the minimum and maximum configuration

Compare the minimum and maximum of MacBook Pro

This comparison was made by MacRumors, who posted the video on his YouTube channel.

Comparison madeMinimum and Maximum MacBook Pro available as standard in the Apple StoreHe is.

  • Minimum configuration: 14-inch screen, octa-core CPU, 14-core GPU, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, 239800 yen
  • Maximum configuration: 16-inch screen, 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, 419800 yen

First of all, in the video export test with Final Cut Pro,The MacBook Pro exported 6 minutes of 4K video in 1 minute 49 seconds, while the minimum initialization took 2 minutes 55’s called.

The smaller configuration caused frames to drop and stutter, but in the end it looks like the process can complete normally.

Also, in the Blender test,The maximum configuration was processed in 8 minutes 23 seconds, while the minimum configuration was 10 minutes 58 takes.

Even the smallest configuration has enough RAM and the same storage speed

In addition to simple processing performance, we also checked the effect of memory capacity on performance by opening a series of applications that can be used for video editing, such as Final Cut Pro, Lightroom, Chrome, Safari and Music.

When I opened these apps at the same time,No performance degradation due to lack of memory was observed even with a minimal 16GB RAM configurationThis is correct.

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Macs with Intel CPUs showed performance degradation with 16GB of RAM, while the smallest configuration with the M1 ProMacBook ProMacRumors says it works well.

For storage performance, 128 GBEquivalent transfer time from external SSD to internal SSDHe was.

There are some other tests done in the video, but in conclusion,If you want to cut your working time in seconds, the larger MacBook Pro with M1 Max will be a powerful ally.It is summarized as.

Mac rumorsThe smallest machine with the M1 Pro is also a high-performance machine.deduced.

Source: MacRumors / YouTube via MacRumors
Photo: bakotasu

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