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If you want to enjoy nature and experience it in its full glory, hiking on the mountains is the perfect activity. Whether you choose a day trip or a fully organized trip where you follow a specific route from different mountain huts, the reward you get after putting in a lot of effort is amazing either way. From rocky terrain and grassy slopes to glaciers and alpine meadows, when you have the right techniques, you can tackle your backpack and the right clothes for a beautiful experience.

Picnic areas

If you choose to go for a hike on the mountains, you can choose from different countries and regions. Here, each country or region has its own distinctive features and each region has its best seasons to make the most of the tour at that time. For example, you can go hiking in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland.

Hiking in Austria

Mountain hiking in Austria is ideal in summer as well as in winter, when you can choose from the many routes that pass through the Alps. For example, you can hike in the Tyrol, Salzburger Land, Styria and Voralberg regions, where nature varies from glaciers to lakes and mountains. Suitable for families as well as hiking.

Hiking in Germany

If you choose to go hiking in the mountains in Germany, you can immerse yourself in this country of nearly 20,000 kilometers of hiking trails. For example, there are many popular hiking spots in the Black Forest alone, where you can find some suitable for the whole family. Through forests, along flowing rivers and over rocky cliffs – Germany has a very diverse landscape.

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Hiking in France

What makes mountain hiking in France so special is the fact that you have trails in the mountains near the sea. In summer as well as in winter, you can enjoy the roads in France through the Pyrenees, the Ardennes, and the French Alps. If you like a challenge, definitely consider walking the Gorges de la Canche. Over rocks across riverbeds without bridges makes you feel super satisfied after this mountain hike.

Hiking in Switzerland

Another hiking area we want to highlight is Switzerland. With more than 65,000 kilometers of hiking trails, this country is more extensive than Germany and the choice is enormous. From walking routes through vineyards and along the water to walking over a mountain pass. For both young and old hikers, both experienced and inexperienced, there is a suitable mountain hiking tour in Switzerland during every season.

In short, if you love hiking in the mountains, you can choose from different countries and regions depending on your desires and the season. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are well prepared and that you are making the right preparations. The right equipment is also important. If you keep this in mind, you can hardly help but have a great experience.

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