Highlights of the Louis Vuitton Resort 2023 collection in a row

Highlights of the Louis Vuitton Resort 2023 collection in a row

we cruising Heading north towards La Jolla. We leave the green parks, tall skyscrapers, and surreal purples of San Diego behind. The landscape sparkles at a slow pace and is reminiscent of the desert, punctuated by green oases with palm trees reaching to the sky. It is approaching six in the evening, the temperature is still moderate, the bright daylight slowly turns into a warmer light and the sky turns a pale pink. Our final destination is a vast expanse on the sea, the place where Louis Vuitton Creative Director Nicolas Ghesquière found his dream cruise viewing site: Salt Institute† This is where scientists gather during the day to conduct research in genetics, neuroscience, and plant biology. Now, it is international (fashion) journalists, fashion editors and ambassadors of the luxury French house who spend the evening here. Every now and then it flashes between cars and taxis skater She passed, surprised by the crowd. Interesting detail: Drive a few hours further away and you’re in that other place where innovators and entrepreneurs gather: Silicon Valley. Or, like Kim Kardashian, captivated by Marilyn Monroe: a little further from the hotel where scenes from the movie were shot. Some like it hot Coronado, not far from the Mexican border.

private sites

Jonas Salk is the name of a famous scientific research center. It started in the sixties. Designed by his good friend Louis A. Kahn, the building was inspired by the serene architecture of monasteries and monasteries Retreats for artists. Kahn (1901-1974) was always mentioned in the list of the most influential architects in the United States. The Design Museum in London dedicated other exhibitions of his work in 2018, including the library and dining room at Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, the art gallery at Yale University in Connecticut and the National Assembly building in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Louis Vuitton has a penchant for architecture. For example, a house would often take its clients and press buildings designed by great masters to reveal cruise offerings. such as Bob Hope Estate in Palm Springs by John Lautner, Brazilian MAC Niterói by Oscar Niemeyer, Miho Museum in Kyoto by Ieoh Ming Pei, Fondation Maeght in Saint-Paul de Vence by Josep Lluís Sert, TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport in New York by Eero Saarinen. After the pandemic, this is the first time that Nicolas Ghesquière has offered a group cruise outside of Paris. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition of the elements here: surfers on their boards meet scientists at the Salk Institute on the beach, and rugged cliffs and sunlight play with the building. However, I also feel the harmony here, and I also want to see my designs as reflections. A moment of connection between light and people, with the sun as a guest of honor.

The site is surrounded by low shrubs, tall palm trees and low citrus trees. We make our way through hundreds of visitors who, like me, stare over the water for minutes. At the exact hour when the sun is about to disappear into the azure sea and the magical California daylight is replaced by sweet pink evening light, the lights come on. †The show is about to start The crew is pointing at us. The music of The Sparks, a favorite of Ghesquière, is heard through loudspeakers, and it is here that the first model appears. Like Gusquiere’s guest of honor, the sun, he plays with light. He made designs that celebrate the sun, designs that want to protect you from the sun.

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Resort group

Fast glasses, bright colors, collision Materials and architectural influences – along with a touch of Art Deco – were the dominant tone. Here and there, the set was like the famous Indie Sleaze shoutout, which is currently making a comeback. Whatever you look at, last night Nicolas Ghesquière showed off his boldest collection yet. The models ran the catwalk with shining shields that symbolically protect the world in which we live. One called them Amazons, the other saw them as Greek heroines, but above all Gasquiere regarded them as Greek heroines. gods† The 2023 spa collection is undoubtedly the boldest yet. The creative director breaks all the rules, adapts The dress to wear For his shoes this leads to unique silhouettes. Ghesquière explains: “We have experimented for several seasons to create technical effects using natural materials. The group is a complete illusion. We used a lot of linen, as well as silk and jacquard. The prints are inspired by the website and photographed with a thermal camera. This leads to an optical illusion. We did not use glue or other adhesives. Not only this: metallic embroidery will oxidize over time, and therefore its color will change.

Then some pride up close: Lous and Yakuza opened the show and Felice Noordhoff closed. By the way, Luce was not the only celebrity, Olympic figure skater Eileen Joe, model Lorraine Wasser, athlete and Olympic champion Dalilah Muhammad also took part.

Editor in Chief Miluska van ‘t Lam attended this magical fashion meeting in person: “When I leave the venue with all the guests after the show, I see this quote printed on the stones at the last minute. †Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage to make dreams come trueJonas Salk said. Mission accomplished, Gsquiere might say after tonight.

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Highlights of Louis Vuitton Resort 2023

It’s now the second time Luce has run for Louis Vuitton. Like the Vuitton resort group, the music of the Belgian singer-songwriter is straightforward majestic

A modern version of the belt, in the form of an animal likeness: the seventh appearance of the resort group was very successful. Asymmetry, layering, and here and there a hint of the animal kingdom.

The focus is precisely on the waist, and it is reflected in almost every look. Despite the coarse layers and protective elements, the body may be exposed again.

Gold, blue and brown cognac directly remind us of Greek mythology. The gods are wrapped in mysterious, indefinable clothes, sexy and alluring.

In addition to mystical elements that allude to the distant past, the collection places great emphasis on the future. Take eyeglass frames, faster than light and weather protection. There’s no arguing that we’ll see a lot more of these tires. And that’s not all; Nicolas Ghesquière not only left his visitors with magical memories, but also gave them the desire to be one of his. gods To be.

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